Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Insane Mime Gang's New Album Freaking Awesome!

Ever since The Insane Mime Gang exploded on the scene in 2012, they've changed the musical landscape with their unique metallic-death rock-ska sound. Blasting out of Tombstone, Arizona with their first album, "I'll Make You Sing The Blues," they accelerated and never looked back.

Now they are playing to sold out arenas across the nation, touring as the as warm-up band for The Marshall Dunn Robitussin Project. With 1,000,000 in album sales so far this year, their lowly roots in a dusty southwestern town seem far away.

Preferring not to be reminded of a previous time when they didn't even have a pot to piss in, The Insane Mime Gang has embraced the rock star lifestyle with both hands, much the way they are accused of strangling their first manager to death. And less than 9 months parole later they've birthed a stellar follow-up album, "Doing crazy shit just for the hell of it". However due to censorship laws just about everywhere, "stuff' shows up on the album cover while the disk is still full of  "shit".

This album surpasses the first by at least a magnitude of ten, ten being the number of songs on the album. As all true fans of The Insane Mime Gang (known as "Mutealoos") know, the first album only had one song, played backwards on the 2nd side. It was marketing genius and the debate still rages on which version is better.

This second venture out may be even more genius as the group mashes up familiar classics with their own demented lyrics and cacophony of harmonies in an alcoholic fugue state. To say the least this album is disturbing, though on a more sublime level, it certainly resonates with its socially dysfunctional fan base. "Doing crazy shit just for the hell of it" is a masterpiece that should be listened to once, then destroyed. You can always buy it again.

                                      Side 1

1)  I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight, You Crazy Bitch!
2)  Pay The Fucking Ferryman
3)  Stairway to Heaven, Express Elevator to Hell
4)  Mr. Roboto Better Have My Goddamned Money!
5)  Billie Jean is Not My Lover, But She Can Be Yours for $50

                                      Side 2

1)  Fear The Fucking Reaper!
2)  Is That Purple Rain or Smurf Blood on Your Shirt?
3)  Call Me The Breeze Again and I'll Shoot You in the Face
4)  Radioactive Dust in the Wind, Yo!
5)  Another Brick in The Wall and You'll Be in There for Good


Anonymous said...

I'd love to hear "Mr. Roboto Better have my money" in concert if it's a rock opera.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

This is pretty fucking funny given the music scene these days.

Anonymous said...

pay the fucking ferryman and he'll get you to the other side?