Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Got Bernie Sanders' Support....Waiting to Spit!

Just shit his diaper!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Suicide Squad Voters Ponder 2016

"Ever dance with the Devil in the pale moonlight? Then YOU'RE FIRED!"
Good evening Arkham! Well, the battle lines have been drawn for the American Voter and suicide looks like a promising third party candidate. WOO HOO HOOOOO!!! Apparently both major parties opted for political seppuku over intelligent design. And ya'll thought I was fucking crazy....

"You like me. You really like me! Whoa put down that ax Bernie..."
We don't get much first run entertainment here in Arkham but this has to be the best horror mini-series I've ever seen.  I can't wait to see how it ends. Bet there won't be a sequel because everybody dies!!! This election kind of reminds me of an installment of "Saw". Give the voter an ideological meat clever and see which part of their common sense they cut off to escape.

There's more infighting going on in both parties than this season's Big Brother. The level of the rhetoric is a little bit lower though. The Penguin and I were having a discussion the other day....well what passes for a discussion with that disgusting, arrogant motherfucker! Just what kind of bumper sticker does either party distribute without totally losing their last shred of dignity?

"Trump: There We Said It What More Do You Fucking Want?"

"Hillary: At Least She's White!"

"Trump: Guaranteed To Save America Or No Money Back."

"Hillary: Lots of Junk in The Trunk But At Least She Ain't Trump!"

"Trump: The Self Loathing Choice You'll Have To Live With The Rest of Your Life"

"Hillary: Providing Bloodless Castration Since 1992"

"Trump: Ummmmm....I'll Just Sit This One Out!"

"Hillary: Did You Get The Email?"

AhHaHaHaaaaHaaaaaa!!!!! Goodnight Arkham and God save America!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Bangladeshi Woman Rescued After 17 Days Buried in the Rubble Told to “Get Back to Work!”

Only 1 in 10,000 Bangladeshi railroad switchmen actually make it to retirement.
Bangladeshi rescuers pulled a garment worker alive from the rubble of a building 17 days after the collapse and immediately ordered her back to work. Referring to her time buried alive as “17 days unauthorized vacation”,  the garment factory she works for transferred her to another facility to begin paying off the time.  The rescued woman who goes by the single name of Reshma told reporters as she was transported by ambulance to her new job that she already works 20 hours a day for 15 cents an hour. 

“Thank goodness for the raise, else I’d never pay off my vacation time,” 
she praised her good fortune. “I was saving up for a last name but, hey, 
shit happens! That’s what savings are for.” Management that’s currently 
not incarcerated declined interviews, but did issue a statement, which said 
in part, “Looks like Reshma’s going to be putting in some serious overtime for a while.”

Ironically, Reshma suffered fewer injuries being buried alive than she normally suffers on the job. The seamstress told a local Bangladeshi television station that she stayed alive by drinking bottles of water scattered in the rubble and eating dried food from the backpacks of the deceased.  Local authorities in turn charged Reshma with thief of private property and ordered her to fully reimburse the survivors of the dead relatives and the building owners. “We refuse to turn a blind eye to this kind of blatant theft. What kind of society would that make us?” said a law enforcement official that declined to be identified.

It has also been reported that government rescuers will be reimbursed for pulling Reshma from the debris. When informed that her health care coverage did not cover "rescues", she replied incredulously, "What? I have health care?" 

Reshma said she was anxious to start in her new dead-end position at the death trap across town in Dhaka to begin paying off her massive debt. “The Americans depend on me to provide them with cheaply priced clothing to perpetuate the illusion that inflation is flat. I can’t let them down!” she said. And even though her 17-day vacation left her less rested and refreshed than she might have wished, she declared, “It was still better than a Carnival Cruise.”

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Tie the Entitlements to the Tracks!

"Technically social security is an investment not an entitlement.
Hell, who am I fooling, I'm gonna tie you to the tracks anyway!"
Good Evening, Arkham! I just got paid today, got me a pocket full of "change"...and I'd have rather had a pocket full of kryptonite. Either way, there going to be a lot less of it after the latest budget proposal from Barry Obama. When you have to wait two months for a date to get dressed, you expect something pretty damned spectacular, right? What you got was tied to the railroad tracks.

Sure, Barry tied you there himself as part of a charm campaign to woo Republicans to compromise on the budget. All the GOP did was say, "Hey, sure! Here's a rope." Barry can stop painting the GOP as "Snidely Whiplash" in budget negotiations all he wants, but it doesn't help them shake that cape, top hat and whip mustache image. And they're sticking to it!  But, after seeing the overview of the budget, the only image that came to my mind was Snidely Whiplash punching Obama in the face with his own fist saying, "Why are you hitting yourself?" Does this guy even have a posse anymore?

Besides cutting Social Security and Medicare by revised calculation, Obama's "miscalculation" was assuming the GOP would do anything other than take the cuts and say "No" to that little tax hike part. Is this change we can believe in? What the GOP appears to have proven here is that if they say something long and loud  enough, YOU will do it for them. But, it's a charming gesture, typing us to the tracks like that, so THEY wouldn't have to...WOO HOO HOO!!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

If I Only Had a Brain

"It might be ill-advised to set an arbitrary deadline no one intends to adhere to!"
Good Evening Arkham! Barry Obama is looking for a $100 million to fund a new brain study. Good luck finding any "brains" to study in this "cheating is good" society...and don't get me started on Congress! WOO HOO HOO!! The Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies (BRAIN) initiative would develop tools that would allow researchers to monitor millions or even billions of individual neurons as they interact to form thoughts or create memories. Who forms thoughts anymore when we have cable news to do all our thinking for us? It would be money better spent for him to spend a few bucks on what it takes to GROW SOME FUCKING BALLS!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

It Seems to Me...About the Iraqi War

Good evening, Arkham! At the ten year anniversary of the Iraqi War, I feature an article by a former Arkham inmate, written in 2003 as a Letter to the Editor and reprinted at Hackwriters.com in 2004.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Arafat's Body Missing!

Ramallah, Occupied West Bank – Scientists and legal experts from Switzerland, France and Russia
were shocked today to discover Yassar Arafat's body missing from his tomb in Ramallah. The international community struggled to come up with a theory about what happened to the body short of miraculous resurrection. "There ain't no way in hell that Arafat rose from the dead!' said an Israeli observer.
"Most likely he is simply an undead Zombie, reanimated by the large amounts of polonium we slipped him in his Twinkies....oops did I say that out loud?"  
 A nine month investigation by Al Jazeera reportedly discovered elevated levels of the substance in Arafat’s final personal items. This apparently raised questions about what actually killed the former PLO leader and made him so bat shit crazy in the final months before his demise. Israeli authorities deny poisoning Arafat, but declared if Arafat is indeed found to be one of The Walking Dead, they'll just kill him again. They immediately retracted the statement. Former Prime Minister Ariel Sharon had no comment.

Unnamed sources in the intelligence community report scattered sightings of the Arafat Zombie and are currently tracking him using sophisticated radioactive detection instrumentation aboard top secret U.S. spy satellites. U.S. officials denied the existence of such technology but vowed to track down Arafat's body and return it to his tomb before he can be made into a Weapon of Mass Destruction.

Hamas is also reported to be searching for the remains of Arafat. Sources close to the Hamas leadership...are keeping their distance for fear of being blown to bits. But one source, who declined to be identified, reported that Hamas considers the mere existence of a reanimated Arafat a threat to their authority. "The undead Arafat leading Fatah again could raise a zombie army faster than Hamas can kill them all, just by antagonizing the Israelis."

Many false rumors have arisen, from Arafat's body being auctioned off on eBay to his Zombie becoming the new spokesman for Slim Jim. But until the disposition of his body, dead or undead, is determined, conspiracy theories are going to be rampant. And all that "rising from the dead" mumbo jumbo isn't setting well with the Christian community worldwide. "That's quite a sticky wicket," said one Vatican source who preferred to remain anonymous.

Meanwhile, in a totally unrelated story, ventriloquist Jeff Dunham reported a drone attack on his luggage in a Las Vegas hotel lobby. Sources close to Dunham believe a combined U.S./Israeli strike on the suitcase containing his puppet "ACHMED" was related to recent sightings of Arafat in the area. Dunham had no comment except to ask, "Really, dudes?"