Thursday, August 28, 2008

Select Quotes from “18 Million Voices” Protest March: TRANSLATED

All I have to say about the Democratic Convention is, "whaaaaaaat?" I missed the latest episode of "Bum Fights" for this? It's hell getting that smuggled into Arkham. Especially since of lot of guys here are in it, but I digress. I also despise the Clintons more now than ever! Where’s that shootout at OK Corral I was promised by the media? They did everything but sing Kumbaya then have an orgy at this lethargic love-fest of a convention. Where’s the anger, the angst, the hostility? What happened to slipping in the blood on the convention floor and heads being put on sticks? In short, Bill and Hill ruined my entertainment. But at least there’s the Republican Convention to look forward to. They’d better do it up right, or I’m canceling my cable…AH, HA, HA, HA, HAAAA!

Fortunately for me, my good friend and fellow inmate…I mean fellow PATIENT…and former CIA translator Marshall Dunn came across some angry dialog from the streets by former Clinton supporters here:

That’s what I’m talking about! Feel the burn. Can we all not get along since it makes for better television anyway? All the ingredients of anarchy: rebellion and inflammatory dialog from poor players strutting and fretting their hour upon the stage. Tales told by idiots, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing. Now that’s entertainment! AH, HA, HAAA, HAAAA!

Toni Alves,, San Francisco
Toni: "Obama wasn’t elected, he was selected. If you look at all the caucus fraud, you’ll see his delegate lead was only in the red states. …she won the popular vote and she should be the nominee.”
TRANSLATION: “It’s pretty obvious that I've been woefully uninformed about the long running debate regarding the caucus system versus popular vote until Clinton lost the nomination.”

Toni: “I’ve been a Democrat for 40 years this year, and if Obama is the nominee I’ll vote for McCain.”
TRANSLATION: “Give in to my demands or I’ll overtly set myself up for disappointment one last time. Then you’ll be sorry.”

Toni: "These people are trying to scare us about Roe v. Wade. Well, you know what? I am beyond my reproductive years. I don’t care. it’s time for these young Obama women who think it’s so cool to support him, they can worry about their own reproductive rights.”
TRANSLATION: “Consider me the antithesis of the women’s suffrage and biological rights movements, You know…a REPUBLICAN!

Diane Schrack, Colorado
'Because it was OK on the upper level, the national level, it was OK on the local level, too. The DNC is deeply guilty. It’s so frustrating. It makes me want to become an unaffiliated voter. I am a Democrat. My goal is to make Democrats think about what we’re losing here. If we’re going to give up women in this race who’s next? Who are they going to give up next time?”
TRANSLATION: “They threw us under the bus like Clinton did the gays in 1996 and we don’t like it one bit.”

Diane: "Antisemitism? Let’s have a little bit of that. Or next time let’s have a little bit of racism, or maybe have a little bit of gay bashing next time.”
TRANSLATION: “Let’s turn back the clock to 1955 so I don’t have to restrain myself so much.”

Diane: "They sacrificed women because they could take their vote for granted, and that is not what Democrats stand for !"
TRANSLATION: “The Democrats should maintain their long standing tradition of losing to Republican candidates to appease the most vocal faction of the party, just like the GOP caved into the evangelicals to win.”

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