Saturday, June 23, 2012

Summer Political Season Forecast

Top of the morning to you, Arkham! And at the top of the news....nothing you need to know.  Just rest assured the society that put you in here is as batshit crazy as you are now. In our long term forecast as the summer political season begins, expect a chance of derangement with scattered irrationality by evening and the fog of confusion by morning. This should clear off by Labor Day followed by a chance of severe storms in late October, early November.

As far as the candidates, Obama seeks to cement his role as "War President" by using drones and the threat of cross-border raids into Pakistan as props. Meanwhile, Romney the challenger continues to run himself out of wind taking the opposite position of Obama, frequently unsure of the exact position he is opposing. Kind of like a macabre dance in the dark with a political corpse. Ha, HAA, HAAAA!

Instead of continuing to jerk off the public, these two should just get a room and leave the rest of us alone. By of them will be in here....with us. Until that time have some meds and an electroshock.
Either one of those ass clowns is going to be a pig with these scarce resources. And I don't cotton to clowns from that circus...Woo Hoo Hoo! Goodby Arkham and enjoy your day.

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