Sunday, May 6, 2012

The Joker's Views: Secret Service could have been a little more "secretly serviced".

"...and for another $100, you get balloon animals..."
Goooood morning Arkham and welcome to day 1200 of the nonstop campaigning season....ur....decade.
Ha, Ha, Ha, HAAAA!  It's like watching The Riddler running against challenger Mayor McCheese.
Romney is so out of touch with the real world, he actually tried to accuse Obama of having a black baby.
Cheney almost blew out his brand new heart, screaming, "He's got TWO, you idiot!"

We've got a couple of new residents here at Arkham. Word has it they were once Secret Service...of course that's no secret around here. We haven't gotten too much out of them yet, except for random outbursts like, "I should have just paid the bitch!"

Of course, Obama is personally responsible. Like his critics suggest, if there had been more female agents, they wouldn't have had to resort to hookers...wait, what?  Hey, it's a JOKE! It was just hanging out there...kind of like a Secret Service agent's penis in Columbia. BOOM!!! And society thought I was crazy...

You wouldn't see Ted Nuggent doing that sort of thing. Hey, Ted! Ted!! Come over here for a minute. Would you ever consider stiffing a prostitute? Put that gun down and let me rephrase that....No, no, no, don't shoot Killer Croc, that'll  just piss him off. That's not a real pistal anyway, bozo.

I'm not sure Arkham is getting through to that boy. He still thinks a handgun is a sexual aid. But, at least he's only into ....SELF STIMULATION!!! AH, HAA, HAAA! Well, that's it for meds are kicking in. Goodnight Arkham. Ain't it good to know that the society that put you in here is crazier than you are.

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